Wood pendant necklace, 'Imox Maya Calendar' (Guatemala)

The energy of the day known as Imox allows us to keep calm and collected when facing chaos and the unexpected, understanding that it is all part of life, says Iliana Hernandez alluding to the beliefs that underlie the Maya calendar. Each day is represented by a specific glyph, which Hernandez hand-paints on a palo blanco wood pendant hanging from a beige faux-suede cord. This glyph represents the god of rain and symbolizes fertility. The animals associated with Imox are the alligator, crocodile, shark and turtle. .925 Sterling silver clasp

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Wood pendant necklace, 'Imox Maya Calendar' (Guatemala) Review

NOVICA Wood pendant necklace, 'Imox Maya Calendar' (Guatemala) is just amazing! It is much worth than what you pay at NOVICA.

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