Violin Varnish

True to its name, Violin Varnish is highly recommended for musical instruments because of its elasticity and ability to resonate. It also makes a superb finish for a variety of other applications because of its hard, elastic, water-resistant film. Made from a balanced blend of pure Super Blonde shellac flakes, gum mastic and gum sandarac, Violin Varnish is far superior to imported spirit varnishes.Pint.May be sprayed brushed or padded.Use thin multiple coats.Dries dust free in 10-15 minutes.Allow 1-2 hours between coats.Allow 24 hours prior to rubbing out the finish.Use Behkol solvent (57950) for thinning and cleanup.Only shipped by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.

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Violin Varnish Review

I consider Violin Varnish it's cool, my friend all have it so I decided to get one too. It's the coolest additional ever!

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