Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W

Utilizing 9 top bin Cree CXA3070 3000k the Johnson Grow Light LED will give you robust growth and flowering, while consuming 50% of the energy of an equivalent HID. Provides similar results to a 1000 h.p.s. with a wattage draw of 540 @120 VAC Boasting a 80+ CRI (color rendering index) 3500K spectrum our lights provide sun like light nutrition for robust, healthy growth and flowering. Johnson Grow Light LED 80+ CRI ensures that the light provided will be used efficiently by the plants. Typical H.P.S. lamps have a CRI less than 40. What this equates to is areas in the center of the light pattern surpassing the light saturation point of the provided wavelengths and lacking in other wavelengths that are essential to optimum plant growth and health. A FULL SUN LIKE SPECTRUM H.I.D fixtures typically use a single lamp and reflector. Johnson Grow Light LED lights have multiple light sources promoting better penetration and a more even light spread. A more even light spread contributes to the plants ability to absorb the provided light. A typical 1000 watt H.P.S. fixture introduces 3500-4000 btu's of heat into the growing environment. Johnson Grow Light LED fixtures introduce only 800 btu's of heat when air cooled and 1600-2000 btu's stand alone into the growing environment. Quality and essential oils are also increased from the added blue spectrum and decrease in radiant heat into the canopy. Specifications 540 watts @120v 938 PPF 632 PPFD in a 4x4 area Dimension: 16"x16"x3.0" AC Input 85-265 Working current: 1.33 Working Frequency: 50-60hz Full 3 year warranty CSA Certified

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Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W Review

I saw Johnson Grow Lights - CX-9 LED 1000W at local shop for almost double price. Many thanks for this fantastic additional!

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