Blackburn Local U-Lock Compact + 4ft Cable Set

To keep things easy on yourself, yet strongly deter potential bike theft, Blackburn has created the Local U Lock Compact and 4 foot Cable Set. The U lock/cable combo lets you keep the moving pieces of your bike all connected with durable materials. The twist-proof hexagonal shackle design roughly doubles the time it would take for a bike thief to cut away the lock, making your ride a much less appealing target. Silicone and Kevlar exteriors prevent the Blackburn Local U Lock and 4 Foot Cable Set from scratching your bike. Twist-proof hexagonal shackle deters thieves by roughly doubling time required to cut away lock Hardened steel for strength, wrapped in silicone so it won't scratch your bike Three keys included so that you have spares Steel braided cable for strength, covered in Kevlar to prevent scratches .

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Blackburn Local U-Lock Compact + 4ft Cable Set Review

I own some sports & outdoors, but Blackburn Local U-Lock Compact + 4ft Cable Set is my most favourite.

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